A library is the delivery room for the birth of ideas, a place where history comes to life.”

Our library is a true treasure house for Education.

Library and Information Centre

The concept of the library is undergoing a metamorphosis. Beyond books and journals, the library today has to be the repository of information which should be available to the stake holders at anytime, anywhere. Mahathi College of Pharmacy, Madanapalle,  is working towards this concept. In view of the growing importance of automation, the library has purchased the EZ Library soft ware to provide the best possible service to the users. The various library operations such as acquisition, issues, cataloging and serial control are all automated. Among the features of the present library are

  1. Wi-Fi enabled
  2. Digital resources
  3. Over 6668 volumes
  4. International and National journals
  5. Access to over 100 electronic journals
  6. Open 6 days a week

The Library with the objective of “collection, preservation, cultivation and endowing the treasures of knowledge” is committed to excellence in service and is a learning centre for the students and staff.

Information Resources


Volumes : 6668

  1. B.Pharmacy    : 5317
  2. M.Pharmacy   : 596
  3. PHARM.D       : 755

Titles : 1295

  • B.Pharmacy    : 980
  • M.Pharmacy   : 180
  • PHARM.D       : 135


  1. International : 13
  2. National          : 41


  1. CD – IDIS (Abstract + full text of 181 journals)
  2. Online – International pharmaceutical abstracts
  3. Scopus
  4. Elsevier

Other materials

  1. News papers                         : 11
  2. CDs(E-Books and Videos) : 335
  3. Project Reports                    : 215


  • Pharmacognosy Magazine
  • Pharmacognosy Review
  • Current Science
  • Journal Of Biosciences
  • Journal Of Chemical Sciences
  • Indian Drugs
  • Indian Journal Of Physiology & Pharmacology
  • CIMS(Current Index Of Medical Specialists)
  • Indian Journal Of Experimental Biology
  • Indian Journal Of Natural Products And Resoures
  • Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Education And Research
  • The Indian Pharmacist
  • Indian Journal Of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Ijhp(Indian Journal Of Hospital Pharmacy)
  • Advances In Pharmacology And Toxicology
  • Journal Of Pharmaceutical Research
  • Journal Of Natural Remedies
  • Indian Journal Of Pharmacology

Library Services Working hours:

  1. 8 am to 6 pm (Monday to Saturday)
  2. Reference/Periodicals Services
  3. Circulation Services
  4. Overnight borrowing – for postgraduate students. Permitted to borrow reference section
  5. books for overnight (7pm to 9pm)
  6. Photocopying
  7. General Reading
  8. Digital / Browsing Services
  9. Free Internet access
  10. Library OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  11. e-books (CDs)
  12. Table of contents of journals subscribed
  13. Online full text Journals
  14. Old question papers

Library Orientation workshop: To make aware of the resources, at the beginning of every academic year, a daylong library orientation is conducted for all the newly admitted students, in batches of 15, by interactive method.

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